FERGHETTINA, Franciacorta

The wine from Ferghettina originates on the gentle hills of Franciacorta. It’s on these sunny slopes, located in the foothills of Alps that overlook the Lake Sebino, that their grapes grow and ripen, subjected to constant monitoring and care.

Founded and managed by Roberto Gatti and his wife Andreina, the vineyard was created in 1990 with only four hectars of land. For more than 20 years Roberto has worked and mastered the viticulture of Franciacorta and the most modern winemaking techniques.

Nowadays, Ferghettina run 200 hectars of vineyards located in 11 municipalities of Franciacorta, conforming to organic farming principles, in order to exploit the resources of the different soils as fully as possible, to enhance the quality of the wines. Ferghettina is a family matter: everything is managed by Roberto and Andreina, with the help of their children Laura and Matteo, both graduated in oenology, and of a large number of employees and partners.

The hands are the main tools through which Ferghettina work the soil and grow the vines, gradually turning bunches into wines. The Ferghettina family's Franciacorta is the ultimate expression of their style and thoughts: an accurate portrait of the rich territory.

MASSUSSI, Franciacorta

The Massussi Farm was founded in 1985 started by her husband Vittorio and Giuseppina Ruggeri Massussi with the support of the maternal father Augustine, whose love for the land has given a great stimulus to the first years of activity. The Massussi family's passion for viticulture dates from the mid nineteenth century, when the forefather Louis already produced red wine.

The vineyards planted in the early '80s to initiate the first experiments on the classical method that led to the first 500 bottles of bubbly in 1985.
The specific location of the vineyards on the hills of Lake Iseo, at an altitude of 400 m, the microclimate created by the proximity of the lake, the cool breezes at night and the ground by the particular composition, constitute a unique terroir in Franciacorta for unique Products.

il maioli, Piacenza

Today il maiolo is run by Francesco & Elena Torre.

In 1972, Francescos father Marcello bought the land il maiolo to realize his life's dream of becoming a winemaker. At that time, it was an abandoned dilapidated farmland that needed to be completely restored. When the site was renovated into a farm, Marcello planted the first vineyard with Ortrugo, Barbera and Bonarda grapes. It was a passionate hobby and the wines produced were consumed by the family and given away.

il maiolo is an organic winery located at the foot of the historic Val Nure, a region in northern Italy. They use only the best traditional winemaking methods from previous generations to create truly unique and memorable wines.

Time is an important part of their process. The long-winded approach requires meticulous patience and meticulous details to create a flavor rich in history. Each bottle of red wine takes about five years to create from first harvest to sale. The freshness of the white grapes allows you to have a wine in the bottle after two years from the harvest of the grapes.

Il Maiolo's winemaking process follows the same methods used for hundreds of years with soft pressing in steel tanks where the first fermentation takes place. Ten over-pumps follow and when the must arrives dry, it is racked and transferred to large oak barrels where malolactic fermentation takes place. After one year in oak barrels, the wine is bottled and then aged for at least a year before being sold.

The first maiolo wines were produced in 2003, and it was an exceptional vintage. A handful of first bottles still remain uncorked and are only opened on important occasions to celebrate important moments in family life.